2014 Posters: His Heart

You may print or share any of the following posters, which are designed to proclaim the oneness, love, identity and destiny that we have with and through Christ.

To download, click on the images you would like to have and then save them to your computer, or right click ‘Save picture as’.

2 Corinthians 5_16 to 17 Poster John 17_21 Poster








1 Corinthians 6_17 Poster1 John 4_16 Poster








Isaiah 62_2 to 5 PosterJeremiah 32_38 to 39 Poster








Song of Songs 6_3 PosterZechariah 9_16 Poster









Ephesians 3_17 to 19 Poster Song of Songs 4_12 Poster








Song of Songs 8_14Song of Songs 2_6 Poster








Song of Songs 4_9 PosterMatthew 11_28 to 30 Poster








Song of Songs 4_6 PosterSong of Songs 1_7 Poster