Written On Your Heart



My eyes ever saw you. My heart ever loved you. Long before you knew My name, I knew yours. Your form was hidden from others, but it was never hidden from Me. For you are a piece of My heart, the hope of My dreams, and the glory of My life.

I had a dream when I formed you in the secret place within. I had a dream which flowed from the deepest and most majestic and sacred places of my heart. It was a dream of You! My delight, the fulfilment of My desires. It was a dream of My glory flowing through you to this world. I knew what you were perfectly fitted for and I delightedly fashioned you with every gift and supernatural ability to live it.

My dream of you overwhelmed Me with beauty and splendour, as I prophesied your life. I opened your book and my heart overflowed, spilling out your sacred story. I wrote and I wrote and I wrote! I didn’t leave out a single detail. With each flourish of My pen, My heart enlarged more, for I was captivated by you, ravished by you, and utterly delighted in you. And though I wrote your story before the foundation of the world, that dream is so alive in my heart today, burning just as bright and real and accomplished today as it was in My heart the day that I formed you. I placed destiny in your DNA… in every fibre of your being. If you go to the right, your destiny will call you. And if you go to the left, it will beckon until you return. For you will never escape the truth of who you are and what I have purposed for your life, for it is forever a part of you and you’ll never feel alive outside of it.

You could never write your story, for how would you believe the magnificence of who you really are? How could you write of things infinitely beyond anything you can possibly imagine or think? You will never envisage its fullness. You’ll never guess at its abundance, adventure or wildness. For your eyes have never seen and your ears have never heard all that I have planned for you! Your story could never be written by you… but it was written by Me, for you. If you look within, you will find that My living words are written upon the pages of your heart and they are whispering your name.

Lean back and listen, My love. Let Me read My words back to you. Let Me ignite your heart with your story. And as you enter into its pages, you will write My story.


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