One Heart

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I am one with My King, the One I love. I am in Him and He is in me – the very life blood in my veins, the very beating of my heart. He is my everything. He is all I want. He is what I live for.

When He looked into my eyes and extended His hand in invitation, I could not believe that His eyes were on me and that His life was laid down for me… so that I could share one heart with Him. For the one who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him. No greater promise exists. And as He laid down His life for me, I exchanged my heart for His heart. It is no longer I who lives but Christ Who lives in me. I have one heart. It is His.

I long to be one with you, for your heart houses the one I love…for in you resides the One whom I adore. You hold a piece of my heart, and I hold a piece of yours.

Without you, I feel incomplete. I know that God has given me all of Him, yet I reflect one facet of His heart, while you reflect another. Without you, I cannot see the full picture of the One whom I adore.

For my understanding is not complete without you. I hear the voice of my Beloved and I am thrilled as He speaks to my heart… and as He speaks to me through you.

He has given me knowledge and understanding, as He has said I have the mind of Christ. Yet He also brings the wisdom I need through others, for He wants to speak to me through you and to speak to you through me… so I will need you…and you will need me.

I am your eyes, you are my hands. I am your mouth, you are my veins. We are a body dependent on one another for life. We are strokes of a paintbrush, our colours mixed together on His palette, creating a masterpiece that has only yet  been seen in the heart of our King. We are pieces of a puzzle fitting snugly together to reveal a majestic picture of perfection. We are spokes of a wheel, each supporting the other, no shorter, no longer than the other.

We are stained glass pieces expertly positioned in a window, each reflecting a different colour and light, yet all pieced side by side to reveal His magnificence. By myself, I am beautiful. But surrounded by you, we are breathtaking!

Without you, I cannot be who I was made to be. I cannot fully live – I am incomplete! For you are the intercessor who will save my life. You are the edifier who will fix my eyes on hope. You are the channel of God’s blessings to me. You are the mouthpiece who will speak His oracles and bring healing to my life. For it’s Christ in you that is the hope of glory and I have no purpose that will come to fruition without you.

You have displayed His heart throughout the generations. I could not hold this Book of Life in my hands without you. I could not speak His name without fear had you not been born. I have no revelation that did not come through you. I have no understanding that you did not bring. My life would not be the same without you.

I never want to be divided or separate from you again. Not ever again. I long to be one with you, even as Jesus and the Father are one. I long to stand as a heart soldier for Jesus and see you by my side… my fellow warrior, my friend, partaker of His heart. I want to fasten my heart to yours forever and hold hands as we forge together to finish the work that our King commissioned us to do. And to rejoice in the victory He has wrought for us.

Do you love me? Because I love you. Oh, how I love you!

You are my sister. You are my brother. We are the body of Christ. One heart with Him… one heart with each other. We are the temple He is building, one precious stone after the next. And we will be together with Him…one heart… forever.

His Heart

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