Soar in Me



My treasured Bride, I love you with an everlasting love. It had no beginning, and it has no end, and you will never plumb the heights, depths and breadth of it because it is endless and the most beautiful and vast substance in this universe.

As I tenderly and lovingly formed you with My Father, our hearts were exchanged – your heart forever enmeshed into mine and my heart forever enmeshed into yours. I was filled with awe, delight and anticipation at the wondrous possibilities and sparkling treasure that were planted within you. Limitless potential in Us that I prayed would be released to fly and soar in this world, revealing and dispensing light and bringing others to glory.

I saw many people looking up at you soaring effortlessly and they were open mouthed with wonder and were reaching out their arms with delight and desire to soar with you, as you showed them that the very same glory was planted within them. Releasing life. Releasing light.

It broke My heart when I saw you instead wounded, grounded as you believed the enemy of your soul, when he said that you weren’t a glorious vessel filled with the treasures of awesome wonder but were, instead, destined to walk and even to crawl in the dust of this earth… left surviving and longing for the freedom to soar that you didn’t realise you already had. The glorious light emanating from within you was reduced to a dim flicker as you couldn’t see how you could possibly fly when all that your eyes could behold was your grey and lifeless form. You didn’t know I’d given you wings.

I knew before I formed you that I would never be able to bear this and that not one thing means more to Me throughout time and this entire universe than you – not even My own life! It was for the joy of you that I laid down My life to redeem you. Yes, I saw your face when my hands and feet were bleeding and fastened to the cross… because you were there with Me, held securely in My heart. On that day, when I was crucified, your flesh was crucified along with Me. It was my delight to free you from sin once and for all. For I could bear your sin easier than I could bear your hopelessness.

To the world, this moment seemed so dark. Like hope could never exist again. But it was alive in Me because I saw the end from the beginning and I knew the joy of that moment in time, as I defeated sin forever and you were in Me. Hopelessness was destroyed on that cross once and for all – for we didn’t stay there! As I awaited in darkness, trusting the power of God in Me to raise Me back to life again, darkness suddenly fled and pure light burst forth into life when the resurrection power of God come through us with power. It burst forth without limitation and life coursed through My body and yours and we rose again together, in a cloud of glorious light!

Every chain I broke, I shattered it for you!

Every lie I negated, I overturned it for you!

Every limitation I destroyed, I obliterated it for you!

Every sickness I overcame, I eradicated it for you!

Every lack I eliminated, I annihilated it for you!

I counted it all joy, because My heart had seen you soar!

You were there. You were there. You were resurrected with me, and as the chains of death that tried to shackle me melted away in the power of His life and glory in Me, every chain holding you was equally destroyed! My God had raised Me to life again, and I had raised You to life! Hopelessness, no longer your reality!

You never left me when I was transfigured. How could you? You’re part of My heart and I’m part of yours. I took you with me as I was raised and restored to My Father and My throne in heaven. We’re seated together in heavenly places. You’re soaring on this earth, but you’re here with Me at the same time, with everything under your feet. This is your true reality and identity – You are seated on My throne with Me, for how could you not be when I carry you within Me?

Who I am is part of you and who you are is part of Me, and I can never fully be on this earth who I really am without you, because you are My body. Nor can you be who you were made to be without Me, for I am your life. But you’re never without Me, nor will you ever be. My life courses into you just as your life flows into Mine, and I rejoice over you with singing. Soar, my treasured one. You are free! You are filled with My splendour and you will dance, and you will sing, and you will prophesy and as you run with My light and My passion emanating from You, you will awaken the hearts of others. You will tell them they’re beautiful, and you will say to them “you have wings”, and together you will soar – shining! – across this nation and the nations and you will fill this world with My Glory!

Soar in Me… My life is in You.



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