2019 Surat Oneness Gathering

After four years of gathering at the Bunya Mountains with the message of One Heart, the Lord is now leading us down the river with the message of Oneness. Our Bridegroom King is inviting all of us to meet Him on the riverbank for this special time of intimacy as His bride.

We so anticipate gathering together again with our sisters, in the oneness of Christ in us, which makes us His spring of blessing for our families, communities and nation.

Where & When

The 2019 Surat Oneness Gathering will be held on the bank of the Balonne River at Fisherman’s Park, Carnarvon Highway, Surat. The park is just on the north side of the Surat bridge. Click here for location information.

Surat is just under an hour south of Roma, and just over an hour north of St George. It is an approximately 3.5 hour drive north west of Toowoomba and just over a 5 hour drive north west of Brisbane.

An Opportunity to Bless and to Be Blessed

The Lord’s strategy in gathering at Surat is not only as a prophetic place to receive the strength and refreshing we need from the Lord for our purposes and lives. It is also a strategic opportunity for us to bless our nation as we travel to a location that is not necessarily convenient for everyone to get to (though it is no further than some people have regularly travelled to the Bunyas before), but is the place of His Divine appointment and calling. The Lord made it unquestionably clear to us that Surat is His choice for the location of the next gathering He is drawing together. We see a blanket of prayer and blessing coming along with the women who say ‘Yes Lord!’ and gather at His appointed time and place. So come, with your heart to pray and bless as you do. We are going to see an infusion of life – His life – in this area and in our nation!

It is also an opportunity to be blessed, as we gather with our sisters from the western communities and discover that God is moving in hearts in the hidden places, and there is great treasure to be shared. The Lord said that some of the most profound voices in the nation are currently hidden in the forgotten and unseen places. We believe He is uncovering and opening treasure chests and we are going to be amazed at what He draws from the hearts of all who gather there. As a body, we need each other. We need what He has stored up in the hearts of those who are living in the smaller western communities, and they need what their sisters carry who come from other places. So when we come together it is a powerful time of blessing as the treasure of our hearts are shared, for the building up of all.

Gathering Times

We strongly believe in the leading of the Holy Spirit in all aspects of our lives and ministry. All of the following is subject to change at His notice.

Saturday 5th October

We will gather together at 10:30am for morning tea, which will give those travelling that morning time to get there. We will continue together as the Lord leads throughout the day. Our evening gathering will begin at 6:00pm with a beautiful meal shared together under the starry night sky.

Sunday 6th October

We will gather together starting at 9am with morning, mid morning and after lunch sessions. There will also be opportunity on both days to seek the Lord, have prayer ministry, simply be still, connect with your sisters, or sit by the river in His presence. We will gather again in the evening.

Monday 7th October

We will gather together at 9am and we anticipate a profound move of God as He completes that which He is starting, and empowers His daughters to go back to their families and communities, full of His Life and their identity as restorers of communities and this nation. We will be finishing just before lunch, so that we all have time to travel home without being hurried. We have found the Lord loves to speak to His daughters as they travel home from gatherings!


The Lord desires to bring the generations together, as His family. You are very welcome to bring your teenage daughters.

Please note: The gathering is going to take place beside the river, therefore is not suitable for children.


Accommodation is available in Surat at either the:

  • New Royal Hotel Surat & Caravan Park (07) 4626 5310
  • Cobb & Co Motel Surat (07) 4626 5533

If a financial need would otherwise keep you from being able to join in the gathering, please let us know and we will trust the Lord together for this.


Lunch and dinners on Saturday and Sunday will be provided, as well as all morning and afternoon teas.


To register, please complete the form below and submit. Individual registrations are required for all attendees, so that we can have numbers for catering.


“My life within her will now become your feast!” (Song of Songs 5:1 TPT)

We don’t sow to reap. Each of us have reaped all of Christ, the fullness of the Godhead and we therefore distribute as Father directs. Thus the bounty of Christ becomes a feast for others. There is no cost to register for the retreat. As we ask Papa God what He wants us to bring as a love gift, it becomes the feast for our sisters, and a beautiful picture of His heart of oneness.


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